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Gray zone warfare, also known as irregular warfare, political warfare, hybrid warfare, asymmetric warfare, and unconventional warfare, is a significant concern today, threatening U.S. national security as well as the security of U.S. allies and partners. Despite its population's immense capacity for creativity and innovation, the United States is losing this war. This monograph builds the case for convening a National Security Council/Deputies Committee (NSC/DC) meeting whenever a gray zone solution is needed to ensure a solution is developed from a whole-of-government perspective, and that a standing National Security Council/Policy Coordination Committee (NSC/PCC) for gray zone solutions be established so that subject matter experts from all appropriate government agencies and organizations can be quickly assembled in times of crisis.

A Whole-Of-Government Approach To Gray Zone Warfare

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    Ms. Elizabeth G. Troeder.
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    A Whole-Of-Government Approach To Gray Zone Warfare

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